Newsletter June/July

We have been very busy setting up our new website and webshop. Finally, now we are ready: we proudly present our new company: XELBOO BV. I invite you to take a look in our shop on We have some nice introduction offers, so we invite you to take advantage of it. In this newsletter, I inform you in more detail about our new company.

Last week we saw little roe calfs for the first time this year. These twins walked behind their mother in our garden. It is always very special to see the roes, despite this territory is more their home then it is our home. I always feel happy to see this beautiful wildlife.  


Exhibition in the business lounge of Hilton City Centre München.

The exhibition in the business lounge of the Hilton Hotel in München is extended

 for another month. We are very happy to showcase our paintings in this beautiful location.

Exhibition in Baarle Hartog Belgium  

Also the exhibition at Wikreate4u with 20 small paintings (our series Celebrations) in  Belgium Baarle Hartog has been prolonged for one month. This exhibition ended the end of the month June.  

Exhibition in Boxtel   

At restaurant Molenwijk there is a extensive exhibition of my works. we showcase early painting here. This exhibition will last till the end of September, so there is plenty of time to take a look. It will be a good idea to combine that with a nice meail at this restaurant when you are there.The location is beautiful, in the midst of nature.


The webshop for the art wooden shoes is now completely ready to order your own set of art wooden shoes. Working with our marketing manager Bjorn Bouman we have started a new company: XELBOO BV.
Bjorn has worked very hard during the last months to make a beautiful webiste and webshop.  

Besides the art clogs we also sell other typical Dutch Art. We work together with several artists in the Netherlands. We are very proud to cooperate with two international renowned companies Royal Delft en Royal Leerdam.

Besides that, we are always looking for new artists who can contribute to our portfolio. We focus on both the private market as well as the business market. We start in the US market, we aim for people and organizations with a Dutch background and heritage. This is a huge market. All items  we sell in XELBOO must be handmade and made in Holland. So this is Art with a big A.

You can also look at our offers and news through  Facebook, Linkedin en Twitter.


Due to all the activities to launch  XELBOO BV we did not make much progress with the publishing of our booklet with the adventures of Randy. After all, we cannot do all at once, and the last months we spend all of our hours to XELBOO BV.

There are still a few issues to solve. The plan is to publish our booklet at first in US and China. 

Of course, we will keep you posted on the publishing of this booklet. It will be a children’s picture book. Below a picture of Randy.

New work  

The new work I showed in my last newsletter is already on their way to a new exhibition in Stockholm. The total series “N
o strings attached” (9 paintings) will be showcased in the Hilton Hotel in Stockholm. In my next newsletter I will tell you more about this and show some pictures of the exhibition.





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