The artist: Liesbeth Oudshoorn

I am an independent interim manager since 1998, but in 2010, during the crisis, it was difficult to find assignments that fit my knowledge and experience. I painted for a long time for my pleasure and when a good friend of mine asked what I love to do most,  the idea grew to begin painting seriously and professionally. I found that decision pretty scary with my 56 years of age, but with the experience I already had as an entrepreneur I dared to start.

So I started in 2010 to create a business with my abstract/figurative art: Lbetho Art. Following some master classes and a training at the Filarski Academy provided a solid foundation. And I still learn something every day by doing, reading,  watching, talking and by the contact with fellow artists.

I paint both for private and business, in series, for promotional gifts, for charities, for Christmas cards and in commission.

I regularly take part in national as well as international exhibitions, as in USA, Brazil, Viet Nam and Italy.