Art as in my dreams

I dream my paintings. Often I wake up at night with a vague image in my head.  This is the beginning of a painting which forms itself in my head   while I lie awake.

I work in series and usually a painting belongs at the last series that I am working on, because that is top of mind. My series, however, are never finished and it could be that I take up an older  series again.

Animals play a starring role in my work. I live in the middle of a beautiful forest. During my many walks I often see things that fits in one of the paintings in my mind: in a fallen tree I see a large insect, in a branch a large snail and in two trees that lean against each other  I see a pair of giraffes making love. So I create my own imaginative, colorful animals.

In addition to my series I also create abstract/figurative painting in commission.

My paintings are regularly on display in national and international exhibitions, as in USA.