Handpainted art Clogs as a business gift

The creation of tailor made relationship gifts.

We visit  the client, on your location if possible*), to discuss the requirements and to share ideas.

We elaborate about your objectives and the goals when sending the relation gifts. Are you looking for a customer loyalty program, so your relations collect these items, or is it meant to be a token of appreciation referring to a special occasion or jubilee/ anniversary?

During this visit we show some examples of art works that are previously made. If possible, based upon first impressions from your website we create an artists impression sample.

We do not make a copy of the standard logo. Instead, we add value, and we create an artwork, specially made for our clients.

When we receive an order we make a few drafts, 1 of 2 designs or samples.

We share these drafts for review. The drafts are presented by mail, including accompanying pictures, or in person at your office location. Comments are shared and we  discusse changes and additional requirements.

Based on this interview we make a final draft. This final draft is shared for a second review. Minor changes and adjustments are still possible, based on the final draft.

When working on a commission for a customer loyalty program we make drafts for 2 to 5 designs or samples. This is the basis for the first series for a long term loyalty program. We strive to add new designs to these series on a short term.

The members of the loyalty programs can collect these items at every purchase or business transaction and so they build up their private art collection.

After the design approval, we make the agreed volume of artworks. All artworks are hand made, and the completion time depends on the volumes. Our team of selected and capable artists are able to produce most of the orders within 2 to 4 weeks.

As all artworks are hand made, they are unique, although looking very simular to the original approved version. All artworks come with a certificate of authenticity and are wrapped in a giftbox, which is also designed and made specially for you.

Pricing of the artworks is depending on sizes, dimensions and volumes. For the art clogs, we suggest a minimum dimension of 14 cm (5.5 inches). However all dimensions are possible.

We make smaller dimensions than 5.5 inches if required, but in that case the possibilities for a nice and visible design are limited, as the paintable area and surface is very small.

*) For international assignments we communicate electronically by skype or other electronical media, as email.