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Newsletter January/February 2017

The year 2017 is already 2 months on its way. We had a good and busy start of the year. We scheduled and we have set up new exhibitions and we closed other exhibitions. See the overview below for more information.

The start up of XELBOO is very promising, and we are spending lots of time and energy in this.

We combine XELBOO activities with the activities for Lbetho Art as we are having the same objectives

The weather is very unstable, one day it feels like spring, the other day it feels like winter. The winter is a period of rest and nature needs the rest to be able to blossom abundant in spring again.
The snow in our woods is always beautiful, it looks like we are walking in a Christmas card. The snow is mostly very untouched, so then we see how much life there is in the woods. There are a lot of traces from roes, foxes, rabbits, hares, birds and so on. 

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Newsletter December 2016

t is almost Christmas and we are just a few days away untill we step into another new year.
As always we look back on the last year and make new plans for the year to come.
The future is uncertain so we don’t know what will be the outcome of all these plans. We react on reality and sometimes it does not match with all our plans.

We keep our goals unchanged, but sometimes we have to adapt the timing to reach our goals. We do not control the entire world!

Looking back, we have worked very hard last year and we have accomplished a lot of our goals and objectives.
Lbetho Art is getting more invitations to participate in international exhibitions, that means that our corporate image is increasing quickly. Due to the hectic Xelboo activities we have participated in less exhibitions than we did in other years.

But, of course, we participated Art Basel in Miami. For us, we had less visitors than other years, mainly because the location was moved to a more remote location. Nevertheless we are looking back on a very successful stay in Miami.

We have combined activities to promote Lbetho Art and Xelboo. Alongside the art fair we also visited some prospects in the neighbourhood of Miami.

And of course after the art fair we enjoyed a short stay on Key largo for a few days of sunshine, and sandy beach to relax.
See the pictures below of the beautiful sunsets we enjoyed almost daily over there.

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Upcoming exhibitions

Amsterdam International Art Fair in the “Beurs van Berlage” Amsterdam from August 25 till August 26 2017

Den Bosch The exhibition “The power of the essence of religions. It’s just about expressions” at Galerie Grang de Paul from September  17 till October 28 .

Miami Art Basel December 4 till December 10 2017

The Colorfield Performance in Friesland from May 15 till September 30 2018


Newsletter September October

It is autumn.  The summer has said goodbye, but still during the day it is most of the time lovely weather with lots of sunshine. To be honest, I do not like the autumn storms and rainy days, but it is part of the deal. The autumn is also a beautiful season with stunning colors, so we are going to enjoy the season. Like we enjoy everyday in our woods.
The mornings in our woods are still beautiful. The sun is shining through the trees and sets the forest in light.
You can see the spider webs very good when the sun is shining early in the morning. Although I do not like spiders, it is beautiful to see their webs, in the sunshine those are real masterpieces.

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New series paintings

My newest series paintings is named  “Seasons”. I started this series recently. The first painting in this series is ready, this one is named “The four seasons” Below you can see the growing phases  of this painting.














Newsletter Augustus

Newsletter August 2016
Even in the holiday-time, we are still very busy working on our new company  XELBOO BV. Starting up a new company is very intensive, so we don’t have a holiday yet, maybe later this year.

Fortunately we can enjoy summer time oin our forest we live in and daily we have relaxing walks between the work on XELBOO.

It is sad to see that the rabbits in our woods have a big problem. They suffer from a disease called Mixomatose. That is a lethal disease that effects only rabbits.

Once in a few years there is a breakout; only a few rabbits will survive, but later they will breed like rabbits to restore the population. And in a few years there will be a swarming crowd of rabbits in our garden again.

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New series of paintings

My newest series paintings is “No strings attached”. The whole series (9 paintings) is now showcased in Copenhagen in Heavenly creaturesthe Hilton Hotel till the end of August and will continue with an exhibition in Dusseldorf.

Art Wooden shoes

From July 4  2016 our new company  XELBOO BV is in business. The website and webshop are life: www.xelboo.com4469 - 034bew (Kopie)

We sell typical Dutch handmade and/or handpainted art. Besides the Art wooden shoes we sell also other artworks like Delfts Blue, paintings with dutch scenery, art tulips, little skates and so on.

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Newsletter June/July

We have been very busy setting up our new website and webshop. Finally, now we are ready: we proudly present our new company: XELBOO BV. I invite you to take a look in our shop on We have some nice introduction offers, so we invite you to take advantage of it. In this newsletter, I inform you in more detail about our new company.

Last week we saw little roe calfs for the first time this year. These twins walked behind their mother in our garden. It is always very special to see the roes, despite this territory is more their home then it is our home. I always feel happy to see this beautiful wildlife.  


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Newsletter May 2016

It has been a while sice my last newsletter was issued. We have been very busy with several subjects. In this newsletter you can read what happened the last weeks. 

It looks like spring has finally arrived in Holland. In our garden we have regular some guests in the evening: a few roes are eating from the grass. One of them is pregnant, so we hope to see some offspring at the end of this month. 

We are very excited about our plans, with which we are working on at this moment. Below I inform you more about my recent activities.

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Newsletter February 2016

I am glad that winter is leaving and that the days are getting longer. Painting at bright daylight is the best there is. When there is sunshine, the light in this season is very intens and sparkling. I get maximum inpiration and focus, so for me this season is perfect to paint.
In Holland, the trees are already beginning to blossom and the birds are singing. It looks like the winter is almost gone and it has been a very short and mild period. As far as I’m concerned, spring may start tomorrow!I am very much looking forward to all the plans we have for this year. In this newsletter we give a preview of upcomoning activities.

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Newsletter January 2016

I wish everyone a good, inspired, happy en healthy 2016. I hope all your dreams will come true this year.
we had a good start for 2016.  We have prepared an action plan, goal settings and budgets for 2016.
We did a lot of exhibitions last year. In this year we are reducing the number of international exhibitions. 
We will focus on following up  all the contacts and leads we have gathered in the last year. And we will intensivy the cooperation with our agents. I have the feeling that we have been very busy last year. That is why I did not spend a lot of time on painting and on thinking about our next steps.

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Newsletter September/October 2015

Fall season has started in Holland. The leaves of the trees are turning into Indian Summer coulors in beautiful red en yellow, and all sorts of  mushrooms are popping up.  Hundreds of acorns are falling from the oak treas, providing a feast meal for many  wild animals in the forest.

The fall is a beautiful season. When the weather is  dry and sunny, the woods look  like a fairytail. We enjoy watching all these miracles and vibrant colors.

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Newsletter August 2015

New season, new newsletter. You will get the restyled newsletter, which is easier to read.Here in Hollandthe summer continues.  The weather is ‘ undutch’ , very sunny and high temperatures. But, of course, we also have some rain  which is necessary for the plants and trees. Everything is blossoming around us. This year we have a great harvest on blackberries and also the fruit trees are full of apples. This year is very fruitful, inspiring and promising!
Art Fair in Willemstad

The art fair in Willemstad was a great event. The number of visitors however was low, because of the hot weather. However, we had a lot of enthousiastic reactions on our work During this art fair I started some new paintings, which I intend to finish shortly.
New work
So I am busy making new paintings.
I need new work for my future exhibitions and on the other hand, I have so many paintings in my head, that needs to come out and on canvas. It is getting too busy in my head right now.
Attached one of the paintings I am working on, it is not finished yet. And I am working on several ideas.
New exhbitions
We are preparing for the relations fair (RelatieZ beurs  in Utrecht on September 10.
This is a different fair than the “usual” art fair. We are launching  our  “Celebrations” this year as business gifts for year end activities. These paintings are specially for the business market and in USA we are quite succesful with this concept. Attached an example I made specially for the Hilton Hotel Group. 
We preparing  the Basel Art Fair in Miami, which is traditionally held in December.
We have to make a lot of preparations for this art fair, like the timely shipment of our paintings.Attached one of my new paintings, which will definitly be showcased in Miami.
Other news
I will participate in the Art Route in Boxtel in the beginning of October.
At this moment, we are working out details for  showcasing my work.
If possible,  I will make some ‘ live’ paintings there.








Newsletter July 2015

In Holland, we still are enjoing the nice summer. During Arte Monaco, that was held in the first week of July, the weather was tropical hot. ,We have brought some sunny days back to Holland. After the Art Fair in Monaco we took a few days of to enjoy the lovely weather.

We have several exhibitions on the agenda for the second half of this year. During the summer period, we are making plans for the rest of this year.

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Newsletter June 2015

It is summertime in our forest. Spring and summer are the most beautiful seasons of the year. We enjoy this time very much.

We are still busy with several exhibitions in the near future. At this moment we are planning the Art fair of Noord Brabant and Art Monaco. After Art Monaco I will have time to paint. However we still have exciting plans for the second half of this year.

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Newsletter May 2015

Newsletter May 2015

The rhododendrons in the forest are going to bloom. Within a couple of weeks now and it’s party time in the forest, then the flowers will color the whole forest purple. We also see a lot of young animals, such as rabbits, birds and we already have seen a fawn.

We are also busy with our future: we have planned so many exhibitions, that the preparations for this takes a lot of time and I must take good care this is not going to mix up. So I run from Vancouver to Monaco and back again J.

My right wrist seems to heal very well now. I’ve been pretty active with my wrist and it looks like everything is going to go well at last (after 1.5 years with a “simple” fracture). I am very very happy with this.


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Newsletter January 2015

Newsletter January 2015

The winter is not really starting up! Occasionally, there is a bit of snow or frost, but overall the weather is rainy and unstable. Before spring begins, we already have made many plans to be present in various exhibits.

Especially we want to be prominent present at the major art fairs in New York, Vancouver, Monaco and Miami.

I hope that my wrist injury will heal at last, so I can work normally again and pain free.

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Newsletter November 2014

The autumn is now final and it’s going to be really winter despite the beautiful and sunny days we enjoyed until recently. The forest starts to change into beautifully yellow, orange and red colours. Autumn is the period of transition, the end of the summer.  The autumn weather is coming. And with it the period of evaluation about this year.  Then get ready for a new year…

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LbethO Art is going to New York

In April there will be one of  the biggest art fairs in the world: the Artexpo New York.  And LbethO art will be there.

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