LbethO Art often visits international art fairs, for example in New York and Miami. But also in the Netherlands we regularly show our work.

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Exhibtions overview:


Upcoming exhibitions

Amsterdam International Art Fair in the “Beurs van Berlage” Amsterdam from August 25 till August 26 2017

Den Bosch The exhibition “The power of the essence of religions. It’s just about expressions” at Galerie Grang de Paul from September  17 till October 28 .

Miami Art Basel December 4 till December 10 2017

The Colorfield Performance in Friesland from May 15 till September 30 2018


Exhibitions 2017

Boekarest. The series “No strings attached” has moved from Straatsburg to Boekarest for July and August.

Straatsburg The series  “No strings attached” has moved from Dusseldorf to Straatsburg from March till the July 14.

Tongeren België At Galerie Global Art in Tongeren België I have a group exhibition from March 5 until March 26 and from May 7 till May 28


Boxtel A solo exhibition at Huisartsenpraktijk Leenders en Van Riel from May 17 till September 27

Den Bosch The exhibition  “The line between love and hate” at the Galerie Grang de Paul will last from January 29 till March 11

Innsbruck Oostenrijk  In the Hilton Hotel in Innsbruck I have an exhibition from Januari till today.


Exhibitions 2016

Miami Art Basel from Wednesday November 20 till Sunday December 4 I will showcase my work, like every year, in Miami during Art Basel.

Sint Oedenrode In the beautiful garden of the Peppelhoeve I will exhibit a large number of works from Sunday September 25 till Januari 20. During the opening on September 25 I will paint the whole day outside.

Rotterdam Rotterdam International Art Fair in the stunning Laurenskerk (church) from Friday September 9 till Zaterdag September 10. I will exhibit a selection of my series “Celebrations” and some of my art wooden shoes.  

Zaandam Art Square Zaansche Schans. One day exhibition in a beautiful surroundings with windmills, tulips and wooden shoes. I will also paint outside that day. Saturday August 20.

Boxtel In the restaurant Molenwijk in a beautiful park in Boxtel I will have an exhibition from June 7 till September 28.

Dusseldorf  The series “No strings attached” is moved from  the Hilton Hotel in Copenhagen to the Hilton Hotel in Dussldorf. This exhibition is from June 1 till the end of the year 2016.

Baarle Nassau In Baarle Nassau I have an exhibition in the  Molenstraat with Wikreate4u. Ik showcase 20 little paintings  (Celebrations).This exhibition was showcased for 3 month in April till June.

Munchen In the Hilton Hotel City Centre in the executive lounge I showcase 8 paintings from April 1 till the end of May. This exhibition is extended till the end of July.

Den Bosch Galerie Grang de Paul Expositie “Inspirator Jeroen Bosch, struggle between Madness and Reality in painting” This is an exhibition with paintings inspirerend by Jeroen Bosch. I will showcase 6 paintings here, of which 4 completely new.

Haarlem Kunstkelder Raaks Halle exhibition January 3 till 28

Exhibitions 2015

Miami Art Basel fair Spectrum show 2 december t/m 6 december

Den Bosch Galerie Grang de Paul expositie “Bewuste pure kunst” 22 november t/m 3 januari 2016

Malmö exhibition in the Scandic Triangeln Hotel November to January 2016

Sint Oedenrode Business center exhibition 9 Oktober t/m 26 January 2016

Kopenhagen Gedurende de hele maand oktober heb ik een expositie in het Hilton Hotel in Kopenhagen.

Boxtel Kunstroute 3 en 4 oktober

Utrecht RelatieZ beurs 10 september

Willemstad  Art Fair 1 augustus

Monaco Art Monaco van 9 t/m 12 juli

Den Bosch Galerie Grang de Paul expositie “Het galgemaal” 5 juli t/m 3 augustus

Lithoijen Kunstbeurs van Noord Brabant van 25 juni t/m 28 juni

Boxtel Restaurant de Waag van 4 juni t/m eind september

Vancouver Art! Vancouver 21 mei t/m 24 mei

Lisse Keukenhof Kunstplein 29 april t/m 3 mei

Den Bosch Galerie Grang de Paul expositie “Hello Spiritual continent” 26 april t/m 24 mei

New York Art Expo 23 april t/m 26 april

Delft Galerie Kunst aan de Kade   Biënnale 17 april t/m 10 juli

Gorinchem  Zorgcentrum Het Gasthuis expositie van 30 maart t/m 29 mei

Den Bosch   Galerie Grang de Paul expositie “1 life story, 4 art works” 11 januari t/m 8 februari

Paris, France: Carrousel Du Louvre

24/10/2014 – 26/10/2014

Miami, USA: Basel Art Fair

DSC_0005-2IMG_0260 (2)03/12/2014 – 07/12/2014

Rotterdam: National Art Fair

08/11/2014 – 09/11/2014

Berkhout: Berkhout International Art

27/09/2014 – 28/09/2014

Rotterdam: Rotterdam International Art Fair

12/09/2014 – 13/09/2014

Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

01/06/2014 – 15/06/2014

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Fine Art Museum

04/05/2014 – 18/05/2014

Keukenhof: Kunstplein

30/04/2014 – 04/05/2014

Amsterdam: Brooklyn Hotel

25/04/2014 – 25/07/2014

Amsterdam: Bison Caravan

04/04/2014 – 22/06/2014

Den Bosch: Galerie Grang de Paul “Lucide dromen”

23/02/2014 – 23/03/2014

Amsterdam: Galerie Arps & Co

11/02/2014 – 20/02/2014

Bergen op Zoom: Hospice De Markies

01/02/2014 – 30/04/2014

Rotterdam: Regionale Kunstdag


Den Bosch: Galerie Grang de Paul “Magie van geloven in”

19/01/2014 – 16/02/2014

Lissabon, Portugal: Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition

04/10/2013 – 19/10/2013

New York, USA: “Elements of Expression”

02/09/2013 – 23/09/2013

New York, USA: Amsterdam Withney Gallery

08/03/2013 – 30/03/2013

Bergen op Zoom: Montmartre


New York, USA: Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

12/07/2013 – 12/08/2013

Den Bosch: Kruithuis “Attic art”

09/06/2013 – 14/07/2013

Bergen op Zoom: Bergenkunst


Amsterdam: Kunstplein


Ooltgensplaat: Kunstmarkt


Londen, UK: Richmix


Bilthoven: Carpe Diem

10/05/2013 – 29/06/2013

Keukenhof: Kunstplein

02/05/2013 – 05/05/2013

Ossendrecht: Mariahove Zorgcentrum

30/04/2013 – 22/11/2013

Rotterdam: GalerieBB

23/03/2013 – Present

Rotterdam: Dutch Montmartre

01/02/2013 – 30/08/2013

Den Haag: Regionale Kunstdag


Bologna, Italie: Galleria De’ Marchi “Little treasures”

27/10/2012 – 05/11/2012

Amsterdam: Zorgcentrum Vondelstede

16/10/2012 – 05/12/2012

Nijverdal: Kunstbeurs van het Oosten

05/10/2012 – 08/10/2012

Amersfoort: ICS

27/09/2012 – 30/12/2012

Miami, USA: Basel Art Fair

05/09/2012 – 09/12/2012

Ferrara, Italië: Estense Castle Museum “Liberated dreams”

21/04/2012 – 29/04/2012

New York, USA: Amsterdam-Whitney Gallery

06/04/2012 – 01/05/2012

Rotterdam: Kunstdag 2012


Almere: Zorgcentrum De Archipel

01/03/2012 – 01/06/2012

DenHaag: Kunstdag 2012


Utrecht: Flexwinkel Kunsthuis Verse Vis

Woerden: Zuwe Hofpoort Ziekenhuis

22/12/2011 – 28/01/2012

Amsterdam: Nationale Kunstjaarbeurs (ADAF)


Laren: Kunstmarkt


Rodby, Denemarken: Galery Sigvardson

03/09/2011 – 21/10/2011

Dordrecht: Oude Postkantoor

01/08/2011 – 01/10/2011

Utrecht: Regionale kunstdag


Rotterdam: Regionale Kunstdag


Eindhoven: Regionale Kunstdag


Tilburg: Regionale Kunstdag


Bergen op Zoom: Lievensberg Ziekenhuis

02/10/2010 – 02/12/2010

Roosendaal: Rosada Outlet Centre Society Shop

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