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Newsletter January/February 2017

The year 2017 is already 2 months on its way. We had a good and busy start of the year. We scheduled and we have set up new exhibitions and we closed other exhibitions. See the overview below for more information.

The start up of XELBOO is very promising, and we are spending lots of time and energy in this.

We combine XELBOO activities with the activities for Lbetho Art as we are having the same objectives

The weather is very unstable, one day it feels like spring, the other day it feels like winter. The winter is a period of rest and nature needs the rest to be able to blossom abundant in spring again.
The snow in our woods is always beautiful, it looks like we are walking in a Christmas card. The snow is mostly very untouched, so then we see how much life there is in the woods. There are a lot of traces from roes, foxes, rabbits, hares, birds and so on. 

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Newsletter December 2016

t is almost Christmas and we are just a few days away untill we step into another new year.
As always we look back on the last year and make new plans for the year to come.
The future is uncertain so we don’t know what will be the outcome of all these plans. We react on reality and sometimes it does not match with all our plans.

We keep our goals unchanged, but sometimes we have to adapt the timing to reach our goals. We do not control the entire world!

Looking back, we have worked very hard last year and we have accomplished a lot of our goals and objectives.
Lbetho Art is getting more invitations to participate in international exhibitions, that means that our corporate image is increasing quickly. Due to the hectic Xelboo activities we have participated in less exhibitions than we did in other years.

But, of course, we participated Art Basel in Miami. For us, we had less visitors than other years, mainly because the location was moved to a more remote location. Nevertheless we are looking back on a very successful stay in Miami.

We have combined activities to promote Lbetho Art and Xelboo. Alongside the art fair we also visited some prospects in the neighbourhood of Miami.

And of course after the art fair we enjoyed a short stay on Key largo for a few days of sunshine, and sandy beach to relax.
See the pictures below of the beautiful sunsets we enjoyed almost daily over there.

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Upcoming exhibitions

Amsterdam International Art Fair in the “Beurs van Berlage” Amsterdam from August 25 till August 26 2017

Den Bosch The exhibition “The power of the essence of religions. It’s just about expressions” at Galerie Grang de Paul from September  17 till October 28 .

Miami Art Basel December 4 till December 10 2017

The Colorfield Performance in Friesland from May 15 till September 30 2018


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